Friday, March 4, 2016


Aleana loves making forts and still sleeps most nights with her blanket fort on her bed.
Here are some pretty cool forts I made for the kids that we all had fun playing in!

Cool Fort!

Brody (the boy i babysit) just had to be in the picture

 New and improved fort! 

This fort had two room and lost of space to play.  You just had to watch your heads when you went under the table. Aleana got her head pretty good couple times.  

 This is a little neighbor boy I watch one morning and will start watching a little more often while his mom works when needed.  They had fun playing like bad guys and monsters were trying to get them.  Aleana was just shooting the monsters and the little boy was turning them into good guys. Kids can be so funny.  Aleana also likes to pretend there are storms and fires that we need escape from. These are some of the times that makes being a mom so much fun.

February, My Birthday and Valentines

Thursday, March 3, 2016